June 9, 2024

A young fan mercilessly trolls Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio is the current WWE NXT North American Champion, he is one of the top heel in the whole of pro wrestling right now. Irrespective of the promotion, wherever he goes he gets booed, it is also rumoured that Dominik was booed by fans while he was enjoying some time with his friends in a restaurant.

Dominik Mysterio’s on-screen chemistry with Rhea Ripley is widely appreciated by the fans. Whenever Dom is in trouble Rhea Ripley rescues him. Rhea played a huge role in the success of Dominik Mysterio.

Dominik Mysterio recently on a podcast answered fans questions. A young kid asked Dominik on his experience of being a Rhea Ripley’s bi**h. Everyone is the podcast laughed at that kid’s question, even Dominik laughed.

“Hey Dominik, how’s it feel to be Rhea Ripley’s little b*****?”

Dominik Mysterio gave a very sensible answer. Dominik says The Judgement have done everything for him and he considers Rhea Ripley as his friend.

“Oh man, you know it feels great, actually. It’s a blessing in disguise because I mean look what The Judgment Day has done for me, what Rhea has done for me. I wouldn’t consider myself her little B, but more of like friends

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