April 19, 2024

Seth Rollins vs Matt Riddle | WWE Clash at the Castle results 9/3

Matt Riddle started attacking from the word go, referee tries to stop him, he was furious with referee for stopping him. Seth Rollins fights back and takes control of the match.

Seth Rollins powerbombs him through the barricade, Seth Rollins hits a superplex from top of the turnbuckle and Riddle hits back with fishermen buster. Riddle started attacking Seth Rollins. Riddle hits floating bro from the second rope. Riddle locks in triangle lock, Seth Rollins reverse it into a Bro Derrek and goes for the pin but Riddle kicks out.

Seth and Riddle started kicking each other, Seth Rollins hits a pedigree but that was also not enough to pin Riddle. Seth Rollins started getting inside his head, Seth Rollins hits ddt from the rope. Riddle lost his cool and took a chair and tries to hit him, Seth gets back to the ring, while Riddle was returning to the ring. Seth stomps him and goes for the pin but Riddle kicks out and Seth hits another stomp from second rope to finish the match.

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