April 22, 2024

Paul Heyman blasts Logan Paul for pretending to be WWE Champion

Roman Reigns is scheduled to face Logan Paul at WWE Crown Jewel on 5th November. There is mixed reaction from fans about this match. Some think it’s too early for Logan to face Roman Reigns.

Logan Paul is taking all the help he can get, he was seen training with Shawn Michaels. Logan Paul seems to be all prepared to go head to head against Roman Reigns.

Logan Paul shared a photo of him holding WWE championship with his brother alongside him in Instagram. It was not taken well by Heyman. Paul Heyman shared that photo his story and takes a dig at him. Heyman wrote on his story that Logan is pretending to be something that he will never be.

Hey, Look at The Douchey Little Kid with the Replica, Pretending to Be Something He’ll Never Be in Life!

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