May 22, 2024

Paul Wight compares AEW Champion MJF to Ric Flair

MJF is the current AEW World Champion. He also recently surpassed Kenny Omega to become longest reigning AEW World Champion. He has defended his title multiple times but nobody was able to take the title away from him.

Paul Wight recently was on T95 The Rock Station, where he talked about MJF. Paul Wight finds similarities between Ric Flair and MJF.

 “When I look at MJF, because MJF is naturally cocky, you know he’s a hard worker, he’s got that swag to him, he understands performing, he was a child star on Broadway, so he’s got some chops, got some talent, but he understands who he is, he understands what works.”

“To me, there’s only one Ric Flair, but I look at MJF, he’s the most modern-day Ric Flair that I’ve seen. There’s heels that get heat and then there are guys like Ric Flair that you hate him, but then at the same time, you can’t wait to see what they say next … like Ric Flair, Roddy Piper.” (H/T:

MJF hasn’t had a easy journey to top. Even though he’s the current AEW World Champion. MJF in an recent interviewed talked about dealing with RSD

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