March 2, 2024

Randy Orton seemingly confirms for how long he likes to wrestle in WWE

Randy Orton is arguably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He has won almost everything there is in WWE. He is without a doubt future Hall Of Fame.

Randy Orton was taken out of television for close to 18 months due to back injury. Randy Orton made his return during last night WWE Survivor Series WarGames. Cody Rhodes on last week RAW announced that Randy Orton is the fifth member of Team Cody.

Even though it was announced previously there were doubts whether Randy Orton would show up or not. But Randy Orton kept his promise to Cody. When Randy Orton music hit fans went absolutely crazy. Randy Orton played a huge role in Team Cody winning the match.

After Survivor Series went of air. Randy Orton greets and takes pictures with fans. While heading backstage Randy Orton says to fans “10 more years”. It seems like Randy Orton will be in WWE for 10 more plans.

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