June 25, 2024

Released Superstar wanted to wrestle Michael Cole

Michael Cole is arguably one of the greatest commentator in WWE history. He’s doing commentary for over 25 years. Michael also occasional used to get involved in the storyline. He also has wrestled matches in WWE.

WWE recently released multiple from RAW/SmackDown/NXT superstar. Top Dolla was also one of the unfortunate wrestler to get released from WWE.

Top Dolla on Dec 16, 2022 episode of SmackDown, botched a suicide dive, which resulted in Michael Cole taking shots at him. Top Dolla on Twitter answered a fan question on why WWE did not book program between him and Michael Cole.

Top Dolla’s response was he was ready to put Cole over, he notes Michael Cole also wanted to have a program with him.

I offered to put Cole over & he wanted to do it too… we talked about it at length of how we could build it… even had him winning by a small package out of a stalling suplex… they didn’t care beyond having him drag me every week… which made ppl talk about me so I loved it 🤷🏽‍♂️

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