May 23, 2024

Riddle attacks Roman Reigns | WWE Smackdown result 13/May/2022

At the start of the show, Randy Orton & Matt Riddle made their way to the ring. Randy Orton says Usos does not have b@lls to take decision, tells Roman Reigns is the only person to take the decision. Riddle says that he thought he had the WrestleMania Backlash match in his bag, but Roman Reigns spears him, so they lost the match. Riddle continues whenever the Usos can’t handle the business, Roman Reigns takes care of it.

Randy Orton told he was sick & tired of this and he know wants to unify the tag team title, called out Roman Reigns but Sami Zayn comes out & tells you cannot come to smackdown & call out Roman Reigns, Randy Orton told Zayn, if Zayn was the representative of bloodline, if Riddle can beat Zayn will he get a unification match, Zayn told yes & than ran away but Adam Pierce told Zayn that he should compete in this match.

Riddle defeats Sami Zayn, camera was shifted to locker room, Roman Reigns was asking Paul Heyman why there are here, after confrontation, they had made a decision.

At the ending of the show, fans thought only Usos will confront RK-Bro, but Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman made their way to the ring. Roman Reigns told after smashing John Cena on sunday, came on Friday told who’s next. smashed Brock Lesnar on Sunday came out Friday & told who’s next, he continues & says this Friday was different, they smashed RK-Bro & Drew McIntyre but there is no next, told everybody are terrified by him & does not want to step up.

RK-Bro made their way to the ring, Randy Orton told Roman that he did not smash John Cena, he also told John Cena is 10 times a superstar, that Roman will ever be. Riddle tells he wants the title unification match. Randy Orton is slow motion tells he also want title unification match. Uso accepted the challenge but not this week, they told they will compete next week & will win the match & unify the title , says bloodline family all members will have two titles. Matt Riddle suddenly hits a knee to Roman Reigns head.

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