May 23, 2024

Brawl broke out between fan & wrestler in Indie event

There are some boundaries between fan & wrestler that should never be crossed. In IWE Pro-wrestling show, which is an Indie pro-wrestling show, which usually runs his show in Augusta. GA area.

On last night show a wrestler named Joe Black was mocking a fan, which all heels usually do, but it did not go well from him, the fan headbutted the wrestlers , which was a complete shock to everyone, but it did not end there, they continued attacking each other. referee & security tries to stop the brawl.

A twitter user named Cassidy Haynes recorded the brawl, which shows Joe Black was walking ringside, he mocked a fan but the fan headbutted him, both were attacking each other, broke the barricade many fans were shouting, many fans were frightened by this incident.

A twitter user named Exploringwithleage who was present at this show noted that “My footage of the Joe Black Fan incident is all over the place I was there this was my footage 100% dude wasn’t a plant this was a real fan doing what u never do. Cross over that guardrail”.

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