May 22, 2024

Ric Flair & Andrade vs Jay & Jeff | Ric Flair’s Last Match result (7/31)

Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal made their entrance first followed by Ric Flair and Andrade. Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair started the match but within few seconds Jeff tagged Jay Lethal. Jay took him to the corner and slapped Ric Flair and he got slapped back by Ric Flair.

Jay took some time off had a small discussion with Jeff Jarrett and told Ric Flair that he wants to face Andrade. Ric Flair tagged Andrade. They both started punching each other, Jay hits upper cut to him and Andrade hits back with a kick to the face. Jay tagged Jeff. Andrade tags back Ric Flair.

Ric Flair hits chops to Jeff Jarrett and a low blow to Jay. Jarrett was walking away from the match, referee was counting, Karen convinces Jeff Jarrett to return back to the ring. Jeff Jarrett hits Ric Flair with Karen’s shoe. There was altercation between Karen and Ric Flair’s daughter Megan.

Jay and Jeff were hitting Ric Flair brutally, Jeff again hits Ric with Karen’s shoe, there was blood all over Ric Flairs face. Jeff locks Ric Flair with figure four lock but Andrade breaks the lock. Jay tried to deliver a kings elbow to Ric but misses it and Ric tags Andrade and Jay tagged Jeff. Andrade was hitting both Jeff and Andrade.

Jay tried to hit superkick to Andrade instead hit Jeff Jarrett ad tries again but now he knocks out referee. Andrade hits back and tags Ric Flair. Jeff Jarrett tried to hit Ric Flair with guitar but Andrade pulls Ric Flair and Jay got the hits. Someone from the audience throws knuckles to Andrade, he gives it to Ric Flair and Ric hits Jeff with it and locks figure 4 and won the match.

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