May 22, 2024

Ronda Rousey turns heel and attacks referee | WWE SummerSlam results

Ronda Rousey from the start of the match took control, there were very few instance that Liv Morgan fought back. Ronda Rousey locks Liv Morgan with arm bar multiple time, her arms were very hurt. Referee asked Liv will she able to continue the match. She said she is alright.

When Ronda Rousey locked her for the last time, she was screaming in pain but Ronda Rousey shoulder was down referee while was counting, she tapped out but referee did not see and counted 3 and announced Liv Morgan as the winner.

Ronda Rousey was not happy with decision, he goes after Liv Morgan and locks her with arm bar and referee tried to stop her but Liv Morgan escaped, Rousey was so angry at referee decision, she lock referee with the arm bar.

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