June 10, 2024

Randy or Riddle could be next possible opponent for Roman Reigns

RK-Bro have been getting immense fan following lately, Randy Orton just completed 20 years in WWE, Riddle who has a great future ahead of him, are having a awesome run as tag team.

Randy Orton’s RKO to Roman Reigns in WrestleMania Backlash. created a lot of buzz in wrestling community, It would be in the list of top RKO by Randy Orton. But WWE did not focus on the RK-Bro, usually Raw following the pay-per view, WWE will shows some clips before the start of Raw. But in that clip Randy’s RKO was not added. WWE mainly focused on Drew vs Roman feud.

Riddle & Randy Orton were in Smackdown last week to ask for a title unification match. RK-Bro told only Roman Reigns can take decision, at the end of the show Usos agreed for title unification match but next week, Jimmy Uso said after title unification match he would have two title, Jey would have two title & Roman Reigns would have two title, Riddle suddenly hit knee to Roman Reigns head, which was a complete shocker to everyone, even Randy was in a complete shock.

Brad Shepard on his Patreon noted that source in WWE told him that Roman Reigns will be headlining both Money In The Bank & Summerslam which is WWE’s premium event. source told him WWE considering Riddle or Orton as possible opponent for Roman Reigns.

The current creative plan is likely to be Riddle or Randy Orton as one of the upcoming contenders versus Roman, which may indicate RKBro is breaking up.

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