April 22, 2024

Bobby Lashley vs Omos | WWE Raw result 5/16

MVP some way or the way used to interfere in the match, to avoid MVP interference Steel Cage Match was made. Cedric Alexander attacks Bobby Lashley on the entrance, Omos also started attacking him referee separated everyone. Both Bobby Lashley & Omos made their way to the ring & started the match.

Omos chokes Bobby Lashley on the rope, MVP hits a cheap shot with the cane, MVP can’t stop interfering in the match. Omos puts Bobby Lashley on top of the turnbuckle.

MVP tries to attack Bobby Lashley but Bobby catches his hand attacks him. Hits a spear to Omos. Bobby Lashley was climbing the cage to get out, Alexander attacks him from top of the ring, Bobby Lashley throws him inside the cage.

Bobby Lashley tries a cross body on Omos, but Omos catches him in the air, he throws him in side of the ring, Bobby Lashley was badly hurt, Omos hit Bobby Lashley with some punches. Omos goes for a bodyslam on side of the ring, but the cage breaks Bobby Lashley was out of the cage, referee clarified and announced Bobby Lashley as the winner.

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