June 25, 2024

Matt Riddle & Nakamura attacks Usos | WWE Smackdown 5/27

Usos made their way to the ring. Usos thanked Roman Reigns for allowing them to defeat RK-Bro on their own. They told they have completed 12 years in WWE. Jey told 12 years ago they walked through that ramp & told never in a million year thought that they will still be standing in that ring & in front of fans.

Jey told from 12 years fans have cheered & booed them, Jey thanked fans for being their for them. Jey told from bottom of their heart & family thanked fans. Jimmy told from past 12 years, they did not needed anyone, they says they only needed each other. Usos told they are the undisputed tag team champion.

Nakamura interrupts Usos & told that he & his brothers wants to fight for the tag team championship & says that his brother wanted to fight Usos by himself & told that he asked him to join him. Usos told who is he talking about. Nakamura welcomed Matt Riddle.

Usos got the edge at the beginning but Riddle hit a floating Bro to the Usos & started attacking Usos & throws them out of the ring. Nakamura & Matt Riddle were standing tall in the ring.

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