May 22, 2024

Thunder Rosa talks about Double or Nothing & issues she faced with her appearance

Thunder Rosa is now a part of “Busted Open” podcast. Thunder Rosa is set to defend her title in “Double or Nothing” against Serena Deeb.

Thunder Rosa was in the latest episode of Busted Open podcast, she talked about her promo, fans reaction & Double or Nothing Match.
“It was such a process because I’m very passionate about what I do inside and outside the ring. And just the promo was able to go across exactly the way that I wanted to. It was perfect and I mean when I was out there, I was just getting reaction of the people, I wasn’t even saying yet, what I wanted to say and people were reacting to it. Like they were chanting Thunder Rosa and a thing was were just like the climax was when I said “La Mera Mera” just the fans erupted and again I haven’t wrestled in Vegas in a long long time and the fact I hadn’t been in tv for how long and I get that reaction & it still tells me.

“The people are eager to see me and people are eager to ear me, the people are really want get behind the champion and I think that’s very very important going into Double or Nothing. I mean we been criticised a lot in last couple of weeks, how things have gone and I think that’s very important to understand that at the end of the day, why we are trying to do is important and also why we are trying to show in sunday is even more important, because you are having probably two of the best wrestlers in the world facing each other on one of the biggest shows of AEW, this is no gimmick, there is no blood and there is nothing, there is pure wrestling and I think that’s the most important part and people need to respect that can have a story, that is real because it is a real thing, what is between me & Serena is real, this is some real stuff we gone through.”

Thunder Rosa noted that how she did not get any big opportunity & the times she asked her husband for advice.
“There is a lot of pressure, I remember when I first started, I was talking to my husband, I was like nothing was helping ya I was a good wrestler, I was good at putting other people over but nothing else was happening, I wasn’t getting any big opportunity, I even asked him should I get breast implant, like it is gonna help me to further my career and we heard like no Mary no, you shouldn’t get it, If it is gonna happen, It’s gonna happen. That messes with your mind & that messes with a lot as a women because I’m not women enough to like to be attractive enough, to sell ticket like it’s rough for a women, It’s rough being a women in a male dominated business.”

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