July 20, 2024

Roman Reigns on Sami Zayn: “Nobody would be able to be the ‘Honorary Uce’ other than Sami Zayn”

The Bloodline is the strongest faction in the WWE, but it lacked the entertainment aspect. Ever since Sami Zayn joined The Bloodline, It sure got lot more entertaining and fans stayed invested in the storyline. Fans thought The Bloodline will turn on Sami, but at the end Sami Zayn turned on The Bloodline.

Roman Reigns recently was interviewed by ESPN, where he talked about Sami Zayn

“I was entertained by him when he did the Jackass stuff and really respected the way he navigated that creative [process]. I believe I can do work of this level with… other guys, they’d just be different,” said Roman.

“It wouldn’t be the same. It would be a different character, a different angle, a different layer. Nobody would be able to be the ‘Honorary Uce’ other than Sami Zayn. He’s endearing in that way where you want something good for him. Even if he doesn’t deserve it, you still want it for him.”

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