April 22, 2024

Roman Reigns reflects on Philly crowd booing him after he won the 2015 Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns is the current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Even though he’s currently a heel, fans love to watch him. Roman Reigns back in his early days as singles wrestlers, fans used to boo him mercilessly.

Roman Reigns won 2015 WWE Royal Rumble. Usually Rumble winners gets cheered by fans but Roman got booed by fans. The Rock had helped Roman win the Rumble, The Rock raised Roman Reigns’ hand, but still he got booed, even The Rock was surprised by crowd’s reaction.

A&E recently shared a clip from ‘A&E Biography: WWE Legends ft Roman Reigns’, which is set to premier Sunday on A&E. In the released clip Roman Reigns reflects on Philly crowd booing him after he won 2015 Royal Rumble.

“I was booed historically (at WWE Royal Rumble 2015). You think of these moments, you dream about ‘em, and the moment that it actually happens, it’s like they’re playing the worst soundtrack of all-time over your moment. Ruining your party.”

“I try to forget Philly, I try to forget the Royal Rumble. There’s only one positive and that’s the fact that it’s gonna be able to tie it all the way back around. WrestleMania 40, and like I said before, I was tunnel-visioned and I treated it very seriously and I was groomed to reach a point like this.” (H/T: Post Wrestling)

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