May 22, 2024

Roman Reigns says Sami Zayn is not Guilty, Just for now | WWE RAW 1/23

Roman Reigns enters the ring with The Bloodline, Roman Reigns sat in the middle, Usos sat opposite to Sami. Paul Heyman starts to provide evidence for Sami Zayn’s guilty charge.

Paul Heyman almost made Sami Zayn cry with his arguments. Paul Heyman says with his list of evidence video. Sami Zayn is guilty. Paul Heyman asks Sami Zayn to start his part of argument. Sami Zayn says it hurts to Paul Heyman for telling him he’s guilty, Sami Zayn says I don’t have anything to say.

Roman Reigns got furious and tells Solo to attacks him, Solo was in verge to hit Samoa Spike. Jey Uso stops him, and provides evidence in behalf of Sami defence. Jey Uso says Sami Zayn is like brother to him. Roman Reigns finally decides his judgement. Roman says Sami Zayn is not guilty, just for now.

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