May 22, 2024

Roman Reigns & Usos attacks RK-Bro & Drew McIntyre | WWE Smackdown 06/05/22

Both RK-Bro & Drew McIntyre were in the ring. Drew told people to acknowledge him, Riddle interrupted Drew McIntyre & tells before talking about Bloodline. Riddle asked both Randy & Drew what those bros acknowledge, Riddle told he acknowledge Randy as his best friend, Randy Orton tells he still has Drew hand print in his chest while beating him for championship. Drew tells Randy that he hit 4 kicks to his head & winning championship back, Both Randy Orton & Drew McIntyre acknowledged one another.

Drew McIntyre says him & RK-Bro are a team now, he said they will be working together, every decision would be a joint decision. RK-Bro acknowledged it. Drew told that Roman is the biggest piece of crap walking in this place, Than Roman Reigns theme song hits Roman Reigns & Usos were standing in the entrance. Roman Reigns put down the mic & walks towards the ring.

RK-Bro & Drew McIntyre were standing in the ring watching Roman Reigns enter the ring. Both RK-Bro, Drew & Roman, Usos were standing face to face. Brawl broke out Usos threw RK-Bro out of the ring & started attacking Drew. Drew hits back Usos but Roman hits a superman punch to Drew McIntyre. Usos were holding Drew McIntyre while Roman Reigns was punching Drew McIntyre. Riddle comes backs to the ring & hits an RKO to Jey Uso & Randy Orton hits an RKO to Jey Uso. Roman Reigns tries to attack Randy Orton, instead he got hit by a Claymore kick by Drew McIntyre. RK-Bro & Drew were standing tall in the ring.

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