March 2, 2024

Will Ospreay: “Tony Khan has genuinely changed my life.”

Will Ospreay recently signed a multi-year deal with AEW. Ospreay has wrestled in AEW even before signing with AEW. Ospreay has made lots of fans in AEW.

Will Ospreay was interviewed by Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, where he talked about signing with AEW. Will Ospreay says Tony Khan has genuinely changed his life.

“My contract with New Japan has not terminated yet. That means I’ll be the first wrestler to be under a dual contract with AEW and New Japan, which is fun.”

“When Tony had me work matches for AEW, like I did this summer at All In at Wembley Stadium, he didn’t have to do that. He trusted me. That meant the world to me.”

“Now that I’m coming to AEW, I trust him with the aura of Will Ospreay and the character of Will Ospreay. Tony Khan has genuinely changed my life. In return, I am going to deliver the best matches I can deliver.”

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