May 23, 2024

Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul | WWE Crown Jewel 2022 results

Roman Reigns pushed Logan Paul but he did not expect Logan to push back. Fans were chanting Logan Paul, Roman was shocked to hear fans chanting Logan.

Logan was in full excitement attacked Roman Reigns and pushes him out of the ring. Logan follows Roman and hits a splash from top of the announce table. When Roman returns to the ring Logan hits a brutal clothesline. Logan Paul hits a blockbuster and hits Logan’s version of superman punch.

Logan hits a splash from top of the rope but that was not enough to pin Roman Reigns. Logan tried to hit a sweet chin music but misses. Logan Paul hits his one lucky punch but Roman kicks out. Logan puts Roman on the announce table and hits a frog splash from top of the rope.

Jey and Jimmy Usos attacked Logan’s friend. Jake Paul comes out and knocks out Jey and Jimmy. Then Solo Sikoa comes out, referee separated Jake and Solo. Usos also recovered from Jake’s knockout, Logan hits a splash on Usos, that interference was enough to recover for Roman Reigns to hit superman punch and spear to win the match.

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