April 18, 2024

Braun Strowman vs Omos | WWE Crown Jewel 2022 results

Omos took control of the match from the word go, Omos effortlessly attacked Braun Strowman. This is the first time to see manhandled by a wrestling. In every match Braun would be the giant but in this match Braun is just a normal person and Omos is the giant,

Braun fights back and hits few punches to Omos, Braun Strowman was in no way to let the match go. Omos attacks Braun again. Omos tried to hit finisher to Braun but he escapes and hits a running powerslam to Omos and wins the match.

Even though Omos lost the match, but this match would be in the top of his list. Omos was an absolute monster in this match. This could pave way for many great matches in future,

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