May 23, 2024

Roman Reigns vs The Rock for WrestleMania 39 is still possible

Roman Reigns vs The Rock is the match that every wrestling fan would love to see. The Rock is not a just pro wrestler, but also one of the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that if Dwayne is in WrestleMania, he would most probably wrestle Roman Reigns, this match is not off the table but also not confirmed. Meltzer also notes Dwayne would have to make up his mind before Rumble, WWE could start planning for WrestleMania main event from Royal Rumble.

“Here’s the situation. If Dwayne Johnson is on Mania, he’s wrestling Reigns. That is not off the boards at all, nor is it a lock. So there have to be back-up plans put in place. Right now if anyone says that there is a main event locked in for Mania, they are dead wrong because nothing is for certain. Basically the idea is Dwayne Johnson has to make up his mind, and most likely a final date would best be just before the Rumble so they could start main event plans at the Rumble show.”

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