May 23, 2024

Romans Reigns defeats Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens saves Sami Zayn | WWE Elimination Chamber 2023

Roman enters the ring and then Sami enters. Montreal crowds were chanting their heart out with “Sami Zayn, F*ck You Roman” chants.

Sami Zayn was doing everything he could do to win the match. Sami Zayn hits superman punch, helluva kick. Roman Reigns pushes Sami Zayn but Sami Zayn mistakenly hits referee and referee goes unconscious.

Sami Zayn hits helluva kick and goes for the pin but there was no referee. Jimmy Uso hits multiple superkick to the Sami Zayn. Roman Reigns goes for the pin but Sami kicks out. Roman goes for superman punch but misses Sami and hits referee. Referee goes unconscious. Paul Heyman gives chair to Roman but Jey Uso stands in the middle between Roman and Sami Zayn.

Roman gives chair to Jey to hit Sami but Jey hesitates to hit Sami Zayn. Sami tries to hit spear to Roman Reigns but it got hit to Jey Uso. Roman Reigns takes the chair and destroys Sami Zayn. Roman Reigns finishes the match with a spear and retains the title.

Roman Reigns and Jimmy tried to attack Sami after the match but surprising Kevin Owens make his return and saves Sami Zayn.

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