May 23, 2024

Ronda Rousey is upset on how WWE booked her feud with Liv Morgan

Ronda Rousey doesn’t care about what others think and voices out her opinion loud and clear. Ronda Rousey has had many great feuds in her career, her feud with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair was amazing. Ronda had the honour of being a part in the first ever women’s WrestleMania main event match.

Liv Morgan last year won the MITB brief case at MITB 2022, Liv Morgan cashes it on the same night against Ronda Rousey who was WWE Smackdown Women’s champion back then. Ronda Rousey took back her title by defeating Liv Morgan at Extreme Rules 2022.

Ronda Rousey is not happy with how WWE booked her storyline with Liv Morgan. Ronda took Instagram to express her frustration

Imagine what our @yaonlylivvonce feud could have been if we weren’t hamstrung by a bunch of octogenarians who still think they know how to be hip while putting less than 5 minutes of thought a week into each women’s storyline… 🤔 new #RondaOnTheRoad

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