April 16, 2024

Ronda Rousey wins the SmackDown Women’s Title | WWE Extreme Rules results 10/8

Liv Morgan tried to attack Ronda with Baseball bat, but Ronda catches the bat, fans thought Ronda will beat Liv with it but Ronda throws it away.

Ronda slaps Liv Morgan and Liv goes under the ring. Liv fires the fire extinguisher in Ronda’s face. Ronda was mercilessly attacking Liv. Ronda attacked her with the belt and tied her to the ring post and starts to attack Liv, but Liv pushes her to the stare case.

Liv Morgan takes the table into the ring. Ronda was in control of the match. Liv hits back Ronda with a steel chair. Liv attacks Ronda with the steel chair and hits the code red, but Ronda kicks out. Liv sets up the table, Liv sets Ronda on the table. Liv goes through the table with Ronda. Ronda locks her with the bicep crusher, Liv fades away and Ronda wins the championship.

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