June 9, 2024

Sami Zayn attacks Roman Reigns | WWE Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns was accompanied by Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman but no Usos and Sikoa. Owens started attacking Roman from the start. Roman Reigns rolls out of the ring to recover.

Roman Reigns attacks him, and Owens fights back with a clothesline. Owens tries for cannonball but Roman reverse and hit superman punch but that was not enough to pin Owens.

Kevin Owens goes for stunner but Roman Reigns pushes Owens through the referee. Roman Reigns hits a low blow to Owens and ask Sami for chair but Sami hesitates to give Roman chair. Kevin Owens recovers and hits a stunner, but there was no referee.

Roman Reigns hits superman punch, Owens slaps Roman. Roman Reigns finishes the match with a spear. After the match The Bloodline attacks Kevin Owens, Bloodline ties him to the rope. Roman Reigns asked Sami to hit Owens with chair, but Sami hits Roman Reigns with chair. The Bloodline destroys Sami Zayn but Jey Uso walks away without hitting Sami Zayn.

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