May 23, 2024

Sean Ross on MJF no-show on AEW fanfest

MJF no-show in AEW Fanfest let may people surprise & fans who bought tickets for MFJ Meet & Greets in disappointment.

Fightful wrestling had special youtube live to discuss about MJF No-show. Sean Ross Sapp answered an superchat question on what if MJF doesn’t show up in Double or Nothing.

“They will address it & they would probably just delay, sort of what happens but that is conjecture at this point, I do want to make it clear. I reached out to Tony Khan didn’t hear back, reached out to MJF & I mean quiet honestly, the first concern was, is he physically OK, I was assured that he is physically ok.

He also answered another superchat question on does he think MJF was asking for release.

“Yes I could absolutely see that happening 100%, that the feeling I got from the people close to him is that, he has not been happy there…. when I reached out why that flight was booked, this doesn’t come from AEW or anybody connected to AEW, I was able to verify that, that flight is booked at a great cost, this has been boiling over for two months. He wasn’t happy with amount ,y he is being paid, but I can tell you that, there are talent that believe or that say that they have spoken to Tony Khan & Tony is like of course I’m gonna pay him like top guy, he is a top guy but that when they make overtures about perhaps a contract extension, MLF is like blown it off. I think is like over the situation.”

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