June 25, 2024

Seth Rollins: “I would love for Cody Rhodes come try to take it from me.”

Seth Rollins is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Seth won the title by defeating AJ Styles at Night Of Champions, ever since then Seth has defended the title numerous times and also surpassed Roman Reigns title defence this year.

Seth Rollins recently gave an interview to USA Today, where he talked about Cody Rhodes, World Heavyweight title and more.

Seth Rollins on representing World Heavyweight Title

“We’re defending it in every city in every town all across the world. It’s going to be everywhere I’m going to be. Anytime that title can be defended, it will be defended and I’ll be there to defend it.”

Seth Rollins on possibilities of defending title against Cody Rhodes

“I would love for Cody Rhodes come try to take it from me. If he can survive Brock Lesnar, I would love for him to try to. I’m better than I’ve ever been; he don’t stand a chance.”

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