April 16, 2024

Seth Rollins reflects on training with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in his early days

Shield is arguably one of the greatest faction in WWE, Shield made their debut at Survivor Series 2012. 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the Shield.

Seth Rollins in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, tells about his early days in training with Jon Moxley(Ambrose) and Roman Reigns. Seth tells that he and Moxley had the same wavelength but Roman had to take some time.

Mox and I were already on the same wavelength, We knew what we wanted to do to change the business and the way it was perceived. We knew Roman had the work ethic to be in that group. But from this moment on, there was a different level of respect between the two of us and a different understanding.”

“I remember it very specifically. Terry was working with the talent that day, working with a few of us on basically picking up the intensity for short sprints of time. A lot of what we were doing at that time in the training facility in Tampa was mindless work. It’s summer in Florida; it’s roasting inside. We’d been toiling away in developmental, and it was all very frustrating.”

You had five or ten seconds to blow yourself sky high, Roman and I, we were paired together, and whatever we did, it wasn’t to Terry’s liking. We both looked at each other from across the ring, and there was this clarity and communication between the two of us. We were like, ‘We need to get out of this ring as soon as possible.’ We knew what had to be done.”

Shield getting dismantled was one of the best thing to happen for the members, If they were still in a team, then we could not have able to witness the single performance of the members. Roman Reigns is the top guy of WWE, Jon Moxley is the top guy of AEW and Seth Rollins has developed himself into brutal heel, his match against Cody Rhodes at HIAC was phenomenal.

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