June 9, 2024

Seth Rollins says Becky Lynch is jealous of him

Becky Lynch is one of the top women wrestler in WWE, her WWE accolades are phenomenal. Becky Lynch was part of the first ever women’s WrestleMania main event match. Becky Lynch has achieved almost everything in WWE.

Seth Rollins was recently interviewed by GQ.com where he talked about Becky Lynch, WWE and more.

Seth Rollins on Becky’s reaction to his ring gear

Well, I won’t lie: She’s a little jealous. When she was in her Big Time Becks era, she was rocking some wild fits too. But now that she’s back to being [her in-ring persona] The Man, she’s a little more subdued. She has a lot more fun in real life: She’s got a crazy shoe collection, and she loves dressing like a crazy person.

I had a sequined tracksuit the other week on Raw, and she was so upset. She said she’d been trying to hound one down for months and couldn’t load it up, and then it showed up in my care package from Troi. So, she gets jealous, man. We got a good competition going on to see who can out-crazy the other.

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