April 22, 2024

Seth Rollins wins WWE World Heavyweight Title | WWE Night Of Champions 2023

Seth Rollins and AJ Styles kicks of Night Of Champion. Fans were singing Seth’s music, AJ Styles was not happy with fans singing Seth’s music. AJ attacks Seth Rollins and then he takes control of the match.

Seth Rollins pushes AJ Styles into the middle turnbuckle. Seth Rollins delivers a buckle bomb and a splash from the top rope, but that was not enough to pin him. Seth Rollins and AJ Styles were on the top rope Seth Rollins hits a inverted superplex from top rope. Seth Rollins goes for the suicide dive on AJ Styles but lands awkwardly.

AJ Styles locks calf crusher, Seth Rollins was screaming in pain but somehow escapes the calf crusher. AJ Styles delivers an pedigree and goes for pin but Seth Rollins kicks out. AJ Styles tries to hit phenomenal four arm but Seth Rollins hits a superkick. Seth Rollins hits a pedigree and a stomp to win the match.

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