June 25, 2024

Solo Sikoa says he’s very lucky to be around The Bloodline

Solo Sikoa was in the latest episode of The Ringer Wrestling Show podcast, where he talked about Roman Reigns, The Usos, Drew McIntyre and more.

When he was asked about Sami Zayn’s funny segments

Sami is like that little brother, where he is the loud brother and he’s dancing all over the place, and when he bumps into trouble he runs back to his older brothers for help. He is one of those character man, where its very one in a million to have him around and the Bloodline, and it doesn’t get no better than that.

When he was asked about does Bloodline gives any advice for him

“Yeah, there have been so many times that other people do pull me aside, but I feel like my brothers, Roman and Sami are already do that enough. I feel like god bless to have this four guys around me Sami, Roman and my brothers. They are always giving me feedback on everything, for me just coming up and starting man. I’m very blessed and lucky to have that because back in the days or now lot of guys wouldn’t do that. I can tell all four of them, they care about me and want me to succeed, but Sami is one of those guys, where he’s a student of the game really knows his stuffs. When he talks to me man I’m all eyes and ears.

When he was asked about his relationship with Roman

“Seeing Roman at Cardiff, I haven’t seen him for like over 20 years. We really weren’t close but he was always around at our house playing with our brothers because they are all of same age. Now coming into the business, I’m starting to get close with him even though the age gap is there, I’m really starting to get close him. I mean he is Big Uce Roman Reigns he’s been running this game for a while now.”

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