May 23, 2024

Report: R-Truth and Shelton Benjamin are listed as tag team partners in WWE Internal roster

R-Truth is arguable one of the most funniest wrestler in all of sports entertainment, whenever he does something in WWE, he never fails to make us laugh.

Shelton Benjamin is not seen often on Raw or Smackdown, he was mostly seen in WWE Main Event or WWE House shows. He was teaming up R-Truth in many house shows in recent times.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select is reporting that R-Truth and Benjamin are listed as tag team partner, but WWE still not yet named this duo

Lately we are seeing more importance given to the tag team division, it would be phenomenal if R-Truth and Benjamin defeats Usos and captures Unified tag team titles. It could probably receive massive response from fans. R-Truth is one of the most loved wrestlers in WWE. Truth still has large bunch of audience base in WWE.

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