June 25, 2024

“Stay out of trouble” Solo Sikoa reflects on advice he got from Roman Reigns

Solo Sikoa has a very bright future ahead, he is learning from the absolute best in the business, there could no better mentor then Paul Heyman and there could be no better wrestler to share locker room then Roman Reigns.

Solo Sikoa was recently was interviewed by NEW YORK POST, where he talked about advice from Roman Reigns, call up to roster and more.

When he was asked about the advice he got Roman Reigns

Stay out of trouble, you know what I mean? Keep your head down and just work hard. The eyes up, the ears open, the mouth shut.

When he was asked about call-up to main roster

It was actually from Roman and Hunter (Triple H). I just got the call saying my flight is getting booked for Clash at the Castle, but I was still hurt at the time. I got cleared just in time before flying out. I got cleared on a Monday and I flew out on a Friday. When I got there, nobody said anything to me. Everybody was just like quiet, even Roman and Paul. I knew what I was there for but I didn’t know because the mission wasn’t clear.

When we were getting ready to open up doors for Clash at the Castle, Triple H walks in and this is my first time meeting him. Then he goes, “You know this is your call-up?” I was like, “Nah I didn’t know.” “Welcome to the main roster, you’ll be on SmackDown.”

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