March 2, 2024

Team Bianca Belair defeats Team Damage CTRL at WWE Survivor Series WarGames 2023

Becky Lynch from Team Bianca, and Bayley from Damage CTRL were the first two wrestlers to enter the cage. WWE had previously announced that fans were able to select who would get advantage in Wargames.

Fans had chosen Team Bianca Belair to get the advantage. So Shotzi enter second from Team Bianca Belair, and then Iyo Sky from Damage CTRL enters. Match would begin only when all four members from both enter were in the ring.

Iyo Sky goes to the top of the cage and dives onto Team Bia.nca members. Finally all four members from each team entered the cage.

Charlotte Flair tried to spear Kairi but Bayley takes spear, and then Bianca hits KOD and finally hits manhandle slam to Becky Lynch from second rope to onto the table. Becky pins Bayley. So Team Bianca Belair won the match.

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