July 21, 2024

Randy Orton, CM Punk return to WWE during WWE Survivor Series 2023

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor starts the match. Randy Orton hadn’t arrived to the venue when the match started. Cody Rhodes on backstage promised his team members that Randy definitely would make it through.

All the members of Team Judgement Day entered the ring, but in Team Cody, Randy Orton is yet to come. As per WarGame rules match would only start when all the members of both team entered the cage.

Surprisingly Rhea Ripley came to the ringside to cash-in but Randy Orton music hits everybody were shocked. Then Randy Orton ambushed everybody in the ring.

Team Cody Rhodes emerged victorious in this match. Shockingly CM Punk music hits crowd goes crazy. CM Punk was standing on aisle.

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