April 16, 2024

Torrie Wilson and Mick Foley inducts Stacy Keibler into WWE Hall Of Fame 2023

Mick Foley had some nice things to say about Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson talked about her friendship with Stacy Keibler and her achievement in WWE and also outside the WWE.

Torrie and Mick Foley inducts Stacy Keibler, there was loud cheers from fans. Stacy made her way into into the ring, Stacy thanked fans for their love and support. Stacy shares her experience from wearing NWO T-shirt and sitting in stands to winning The Nitro Girls to meeting Bret Hart to making a career in WWE and making it into WWE Hall Of Fame.

Stacy Keibler thanked the important persons who helped her to be where she is now. Stacy thanked her husband and her childrens.

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