May 22, 2024

Vince Russo thinks Dominik’s boos are not authentic “They’re piping in that Dominik heat”

Dominik Mysterio is one of the most hated heel in WWE right now, where ever he goes boos follows him. Fans likes to boo him. He was loved by fans when he was alongside his father, but ever since he turned on him fans started hating him.

Vince Russo recently on WrestleBing by Sportskeeda talked about amount of heat Dominik receives in RAW & SmackDown, Vince Russo feels WWE’s piping in Dominik’s heat.

“Oh okay, alright, whatever. Bro, Chris, listen. Am I crazy? They’re piping in that Dominik heat, bro. Here is why I think so – I have been in front of many many many crowds in my life when people had tremendous, tremendous, tremendous heat. Bro, you cannot physically keep up that level of heat for so long. I could be wrong, but I do not think it’s all 100% authentic heat.”(H/T: Sportskeeda)

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