June 10, 2024

Sami Zayn feels he’s close to WWE Title “Maybe winning it’s not totally Unrealistic”

Sami Zayn is arguably one of the top baby face in pro wrestling right now. Sami Zayn is now a part of The Bloodline family, it wasn’t a easy journey for him to get into The Bloodline, he had to go against his best friend to prove his loyalty to The Tribal Chief.

Sami Zayn recently was interviewed by The Detroit News, where he expressed his interest in winning WWE title.

When you get this close and you’re in the in the periphery of the WWE title, it makes you think, well, I’m already here, maybe winning it’s not totally unrealistic. That would for sure be like a cherry on top of everything else

“I mean really, since I can’t even tell you how early into my career, probably three years in, I remember thinking, ‘well, this is it, it can’t get better than this.’ And then somehow each year, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. You would think I would learn at this point to stop saying it, but I am also content with everything I’ve done. I don’t want to be the type of person who feels like, oh, there’s a void unless I get this next thing, and if I don’t accomplish this, I’m a failure or my career was a failure. Whatever happens, I’m good. It could end tomorrow, and knock on wood, I really hope it doesn’t, but I would feel very complete and very satisfied with everything I’ve ever done. At this point, everything’s gravy.”

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