June 8, 2024

Gunther says Brock Lesnar is a Great Wrestler, He’s one of the Best to ever do it

Gunther recently was in The Battle Ground Podcast, where he talked about Brock Lesnar, Imperium, Sheamus and more.

When Gunther was asked about does he have interest in facing Lesnar

“Oh yeah, I mean definitely that’s like to get the opportunity to prove myself, and that scenario it would be fantastic and yeah. I always when I started out as a wrestler and I got back into watching wrestling again, I always watch Brock’s match. Because they’ve been fantastic, it was a standout right away, it’s nobody like him. I always like those characters, I mean most of the people do this while they’re successful, I guess where do you, there’s no copy of that and he’s always been a great wrestler, and from when I grew older in my career and I was able to analyse the work, and understand that psychology and stuff like that. I think you can tell that he’s one the best to ever do it. So if I get a chance get in the ring with him, I would gladly take it.”

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