July 19, 2024

WWE Hall Of Famer wants to work with Gunther: “He would chop me to death” 

Gunther is arguably one of the strongest wrestler in WWE right now. Gunther is nearing one year Intercontinental Title reign, many wrestler have tried to get their hand on the IC title, the only thing they got was chop from Gunther.

Road Dogg recently in his “Oh…You Didn’t Know” podcast told that he would love to work with Gunther, Road Dogg also talked about the consequences of facing Gunther. He feels Gunther would chop him to death.

“I would work with Gunther. And the reason being is I’m an old relic, but one that is quasi marketable, quasi promotable. So it’s the Road Dogg comes out of retirement to face Gunther, and then I already have a little pity you know what I mean?

Already you’re going come on, dude, why did you [choose him]? Really? Him? Like that’s who you picked? And so to me, you could go into that with a little sympathy already. And so he would chop me to death, [but] I can promise you this. When that comeback came Jack, you better have got your stuff in big man. Because it’s my turn. And man that I’m telling you what, that’s exciting. That’s exciting. Getting in that frame of mind right now is exciting.

I can’t even imagine trying to have a match right now in my physical state of being. I’m not what you call a picture of health. But, I’d love to have that match, and I think about constructing it in a way that would even that would even best utilize my inabilities.

If that makes sense, like how do you work with a guy who’s fat and has no wind? You beat him down and keep him down until it’s time for him to regulate his breathing and catch enough oxygen in his lungs to throw that stiff comeback because it’s all coming back Jack.”

(H/T: ITRWrestling.com)

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