March 2, 2024

WWE Reportedly Found Trademark Issues With Jey Uso’s “Yeet”

Jey Uso is one of the top star in WWE. Lately whenever he talks in interviews or in backstage, he uses the word ‘Yeet’. It has become his tagline.

Fans absolutely loved Jey Uso’ ‘Yeet’ T-shirt. He sold tonnes ‘Yeet’ T-Shirts. WWE released a video package of Jey Uso ahead of his title match against Seth Rollins in the main event of RAW. WWE had blurred Yeet on Jey Uso’ T-shirt and WWE didn’t include Jey Uso saying Yeet in that video package.

WrestleVotes is reporting that WWE found trademark issues with the word ‘Yeet’. It is also reporting that the word ‘Yeet’ and merchandise using the word ‘Yeet’ will no longer be associated with Uso

As evident on RAW just now, I’m told WWE has found trademark issues with Jey Uso’s “Yeet.” The word & merchandising will no longer be associated with Uso going forward.

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