June 25, 2024

Xavier Woods: “Pro wrestling is gorgeous”, you aren’t told struggles of the people who do it for a living

Xavier Woods is one of the most talented wrestler in WWE roster, Xavier is part of The New Day faction. They have produced many great matches in WWE. The New Day is considered as one of the greatest tag team in WWE.

Xavier Woods on twitter shared an emotional message to the fans. Xavier Woods feels Pro Wrestling is Gorgeous, but fans don’t know struggle of the individual who does pro wrestling as a living.

Pro wrestling is gorgeous. You arent always told the about the individual struggles of the people who do it for a living. But each of us has a story, and if you’re really listening then you’ll hear it. And it’s a miracle that we get the chance to do what we do.

Big E is currently out of action due to injury, it’s still uncertain whether Big E could return to the ring again or not. Kofi Kingston recently returned to WWE after recovering from injury. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston are set to face Viking Raiders on tonight’s WWE RAW.

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