June 10, 2024

Zelina Vega hilariously prank calls Dominik Mysterio

Zelina Vega is one of the prominent star in WWE. Zelina Vega is known for doing crazy moves in the ring but she also pretty good at doing prank calls.

Zelina Vega during her recent Twitch Live stream prank calls Dominik Mysterio. Zelina prank calls Dominik as a 7-year old kid, named Harold ,who is ordering food for his mother.

Dominik told the kid(Zelina) that he had dialled the wrong number but Zelina was in no way to let Dominik go. Zelina did not let him speak, she went on ordering whatever she wants. Dominik was convinced that it was a kid. It seemed like Zelina was successful in her prank call.

On Sundays, we prank Dominik Mysterio.

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