May 22, 2024

Adam Pearce Fires Bobby Lashley | WWE RAW results 12/12

Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley battled it out for a opportunity to face Austin Theory for US Title.

Seth Rollins eventually won the match, but Bobby Lashley was so close in winning the match. Bobby spears Seth and goes for the pin but the referee was outside the ring, referee enter the ring and counts the pin but Seth kicks out. Bobby knew if referee had stayed in the ring he could have won the match, Bobby was arguing with referee.

Bobby Lashley tries to hit a spear again but Seth reverses it into Pedigree and pins him for the victory. Bobby Lashley goes after referee, he did not know a referee was standing behind him, he accidently hits him. Adam Pierce comes to ringside tries to talk to him but Bobby puts his hand on him, so Pearce was very furious and tells him that he is fired. It is just storyline firing.

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