March 2, 2024

Baron Corbin says he got death threats after hitting End Of Days to Becky Lynch

Baron Corbin is one of the most hated wrestler in WWE. Whatever he does, fans likes to boo him. Baron Corbin went to the absolute extent of a heel when he hits End Of Days to Becky Lynch at WWE Extreme Rules 2019.

Baron Corbin recently was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet, where he talked about getting death threats after hitting End Of Days to Becky Lynch.

“And that was Vince’s idea. I was shocked when I got to the building. And it was in Philly, which I knew they were gonna go nuts for. That was Vince’s idea. And it was just like, what? Like, it’s crazy. And like the death threats after were all worth it. Totally worth it. Oh, dude, you have no idea. My Instagram messages and Twitter and all of those things. People were like, dude, I’m gonna stab you the next time I see you for what you did to Becky.

I mean, if I get stabbed? Yeah, if I get stabbed? Yeah, definitely arrest that guy. But like, Yeah, cuz people, man like people buy into what we do. Like, that’s the art of what we do. Can we suspend disbelief? Can we make people think what we’re doing is 100% real and that people bought into that moment? They’re like, a grown man put his hands on a woman. I want to fight that guy. Like invoked this rage and people. And it was awesome.”

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