June 25, 2024

Declan McMahon: I think I would probably give wrestling a try. 

The McMahon’s family was running WWE for multiple decades. It was shocking when Vince McMahon decided to merge WWE with Endeavor. It is rumoured that Vince McMahon no longer has complete control in WWE.

Declan McMahon, the son of Shane McMahon recently was on Developmentally Speaking podcast, where he talked about Shane McMahon’s rehab, his wrestling dream match and more

Declan McMahon on Shane McMahon’s rehab

His rehab’s going very, very well (Declan said about his father Shane). He’s gotten back to jogging, squatting, he’s starting to work out again. It’s getting kind of difficult for him to (unable to make out word) side to side but his rehab is going really, really well. He’s making phenomenal progress. The doctor said all the time that he’s healing quicker than they thought and you know, when he tore it, he completely tore his quad tendon so, that’s a very long, hard recovery but he’s been crushing rehab, he’s been doing his thing. He’ll hopefully get back soon so…

You wanna see your dad be able to do what they love, right? My dad loves wrestling second to none. He truly cares for the business but not only for the business. He truly wants to just put on a show for the fans because the fans show him so much love and it’s so rewarding for a lot of those guys to just give to those fans who came to see them so, hopefully he comes back better than ever and I think his rehab is going great.

Declan McMahon on possibilities of wrestling in the ring

I think I would probably give wrestling a try. If I can only do one matchup, I’ve told my grandpa, I would wanna do a match against my two brothers, in a Triple Threat match, probably Hell in a Cell. Maybe jump off some cool sh*t. 

(H/T: Post Wrestling)

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