May 22, 2024

Baron Corbin wants to face Roman Reigns after winning WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Baron Corbin was part of many great storyline, his broke Baron Corbin persona was arguably one of his best work. Baron Corbin usually get booed out of the arena, but lately he’s getting massive babyface pops.

Baron Corbin recently gave an interview to Catch Club, where he expressed his interest to win WWE World Heavyweight Championship and face Roman Reigns.

I just got to Raw. I’d like to stay on Raw. I like to see who else comes over. We got Shinsuke coming over. I owe Shinsuke for screwing up my whole King thing, stealing my crown, and being a bully. I want a shot at that new title. One of my favorite titles in WWE history is that World Heavyweight Championship and I always remember Batista wearing it, Edge having it, and it was always so cool to me. Just sort of get one that kind of signifies that would be amazing.

    “Then one day, I think it would be epic to be Champion versus champion, myself as Heavyweight Champion on Raw and Roman Reigns as Universal Champion and we go to war over the two. [That] would be amazing.”(H/T: Fightful)

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