July 19, 2024

Brock Lesnar’ feud with Cody Rhodes “is far from over”

Cody Rhodes faced Brock Lesnar at last night’s WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico. Cody wanted this match to avenge for what Brock did to him on RAW after Mania episode. It was a very entertaining match but ending left some fans disappointed.

Cody Rhodes’ storyline with Brock was built in a such a way that Cody would destroy Brock or he would get destroyed by Brock, but some fans think finish of the match made Cody look like heel.

WRKD Wrestling is reporting that Brock & Cody feud is far from over, as Cody is a participant in WWE World Heavyweight tournament, Brock Lesnar very soon will make his intention known.

Cody Rhodes feud with Brock Lesnar is far from over. While Cody is currently in the #WWERaw World Heavyweight Championship tournament, the Beast Incarnate will quickly make his intentions known..

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