May 22, 2024

Becky Lynch says she would be down to team up with Conor McGregor anytime

Becky Lynch, the superstar who took the women division to next level, who played a important role in making women’s main event match in WWE’s grandest stage of them all the “WrestleMania”.

Conor McGregor has achieved many glories in his UFC career. He is one of the best in promoting pay-per views. Conor has very huge fan base as well as huge haters base.

Conor & Becky Lynch have had many social media interactions, Becky Lynch has also did a voice over in BT sports promo for Conor McGregor. Conor also replied many of Becky’s tweet & has also had some funny banters in twitter.

Becky recently attended the weigh-in for the boxing match between Katie Taylor & Amanda Serrano. She gave a backstage interview where the interviewer asks will she team up with Conor McGregor for a mixed tag team match, she replies

Me and Conor, who are we facing.. (Interviewer – anybody you want) oh, alright alright anybody we want, I’m down for that well yeah, I’m down team Conor McGregor anytime.

Conor McGregor twitter banter

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